Vo Van Kiet Boulevard – Saigon River

The modern infrastructure works of Ho Chi Minh City. Vo Van Kiet Boulevard – Saigon River Tunnel – Mai Chi Tho Avenue The entire route Vo Van Kiet Boulevard – Saigon River Tunnel…
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Design traditional villas

Tell you read sample traditional villa called “The Memory” is a project designed architecture for a family of three generations in Tan An, Thu Dau Mot, Binh Duong. One of the…
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Design Kimono Japanese Restaurant

LTS: I love the way people design conveys the spirit of Japan in this project, often designed Japanese restaurant very sunk into the motif: stone lamps, calligraphy, black stones, white stones…
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Hoang Hoa Tham bridges

Project: Bridge Hoang Hoa Tham Location: District 1 – Binh Thanh (Ho. Ho Chi Minh) Total value: 43 billion VND Owner: Area Urban Transportation Management 01 Contractor: JSC Construction of 510…
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Preschools damselfly

This work has been designed from the renovation of a town house Tan Dinh Ward, District 1 of Saigon. Autologous use different functions requires the implementation of many of the switch. From the…
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Queen Pearl Resort in Mui Ne

Stretching 720m front Nguyen Thong, at the gateway of the capital, Resort Vietnam, 190km from the city center to the east, only takes about 3 hours by car in the direction moving Expressway Long…
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Saigon Metro Park condo

Located in the heart of Thu Duc District, is adjacent to No. 9 metro station-side Suoi Tien Thanh, near the Ring Road intersections with roads in Lien Phuong, from Saigon Metro Park, residents take…
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Classic style villas combine modern

Along with the development of science and technology, housing architecture in Vietnam and absorb the essence of the world and finishing it. Among them, the elegance and sophistication of classic…
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